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Messagepar jo » 12 Nov 2006, 20:14

Kristoffer accompagnera une nouvelle fois Dark Suns sur scène le 18 novembre prochain au Burgdorfer Rocknight (Burgdorfer, Suisse)

http://events.myspace.com/index.cfm?fus ... 2695.34696

Kristoffer will play bass with Dark Suns on saturday November 18th in Bugdorfer (Switzerland)

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Messagepar jo » 25 Nov 2006, 15:06

commentaires de Kristoffer après ce festival en compagnie de Dark Suns :

"Last weekend I had the privilege to be on stage with Dark Suns again.
This time at Rock Night Festival in Burgdorfer in Switzerland.

Although a pretty small and new festival with relatively little experience, they pulled off a very nice festival.
I'm sure that we'll see and hear more about this festival in the future.

The show was very good and I finally got to see my friend Devon Graves in action, on stage with his DeadSoul Tribe.
Well, I did kind of see them at Dynamo Open Air a few years ago, when we played there with PoS, but we were too busy putting up our own stuff so I couldn't really concentrate on their show.

Devon also appreciated Dark Suns and hoped, just like me, that they will get much more attention.

There was also talk about some collaborations between me and DS for their upcoming album. How it turns out in the end will depend on further discussion. All I can say now is that I would be happy to help out in any way I can.

Until next show, song or... whatever... this is me going...



Kristoffer Gildenlöw
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Messagepar Kristoffer Gildenlöw » 19 Déc 2006, 21:50

So, it's been a while.
Sorry for keeping the silence!

So how's everything out here?

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all a wonderful holiday.
Take it easy and enjoy.


`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((

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Messagepar Admiral Prawn » 19 Déc 2006, 23:07

Hi Kriss !

Thanks for your message ;)

It's always to pleasure to read you and I hope to listen to the DIAL album very soon ^^.

Have a good holiday, merry Christmas and happy new year :D

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Messagepar John » 19 Déc 2006, 23:16

Hey Kris !

Thx very much for not forgetting us! Happy holidays too !
Wish to see you soon !

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Messagepar jo » 19 Déc 2006, 23:44

Welcome back on your board Kris !! :D

Merry Christmas !!!
I also wish you a wonderful year 2007 under the sign of Dial ;-)

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Messagepar Mr Manatane » 20 Déc 2006, 11:02

2007 gonna be a greatfull year...so many things we're waiting for...lives, albums or ITPian s'meeting :twisted:

(merry christmas and happy new year Kriss!!)

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Messagepar Fredian » 20 Déc 2006, 15:29

... let's try a bit in your language...

Hallo Kris, hoe gaan dingen voor u? ;)

Nice to see you here ;)

To be honest, we are all exited by the future coming out of "Scarsick" but I'm sure we all don't forget you (anyway, I don't forget you :wink:) and are very impatient to hear your first album with DIAL.

Geef gelukkig Kerstmis holydays uit en inclusief ga u in goed formulier in januari zien ;)

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Messagepar jo » 22 Jan 2007, 13:58

Message de Kristoffer reçu ce matin, il y fait le point sur son actu et celle de DIAL :


Just wanted to keep you updated about me and DIAL.

We will play our first live show at Headway Festival in Amstelveen (NL)
It was actually they who contacted us so we feel very honoured.
We weren't really sure about playing live but this is a good opportunity to try out our wings.

We are also negotiating with a record label at this moment and if things go as planned, we'll have the album with us for this festival.
Official release will probably be in May with a pre-sale starting in March already.
Probably we'll sign all pre-sold albums and even do a lottery among those.
Nothing is yet 100 % confirmed but as good friends I though you could do with some inside-information. ;)
More exact info and dates will come.

So how about the album?
I will go to Austria in the end of February to finish things off together with Devon Graves.
Some details are hard to describe and discuss over phone or mail so we decided to lay down the final touch together.
We will start working on the artwork this week.
When this is all done, we hope to send it to mastering and send the complete product to the record company in mid March.
This in order to get some albums in time for Headway Festival.

For my self, I'm waiting for the DIAL album to be done before I put all my energy into my first solo album (something that's been waiting for me for a long time).
I have good feelings about it and it will probably be produced in cooperation with Erik Norlander and Think Tank Music.
Erik will be on tour through-out April with a real killer line-up (including Don Schiff, Mark McRite and Kelly Keeling) and somewhere in the Benelux area they might get some assistance from yours truly.
After that tour, we will pick up where we started and get the whole thing on the road.
So stay tuned.



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Messagepar jo » 28 Jan 2007, 23:51

Bonne nouvelle, DIAL vient de signer un contrat avec PROG ROCK RECORDS pour l'album Synchronized :D

Good news, Dial has sealed a record deal with Prog Rock Records

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Messagepar John » 29 Jan 2007, 00:12

Great news ! A Good label for your good project Kris ;)

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Messagepar jo » 03 Mai 2007, 21:12

Kristoffer a écrit:So... it's been quiet here for a while.
The reason???
Busy, very, very busy...

But now I can not hold the silence any longer *smile*
So here follows a short repot of my own over the gigs that went down in April.

The whole fall of 2006... nothing... silence...
The DIAL album was lying around, waiting for its final mix, noone needed a bass player for recordings or tours... so I was just rolling along with my everyday life.
The...How about Apil??
Are you free??
Could you do this???
Everything at once.

As you might have seen on my gig-schedule here on MySpace and on my homepage, I had a pretty hectic time in early April.

First there was the two days of clinics at the Mayones stand during the almighty Frankfurt Music Messe.
There I played 3-4 shorter sets a day for everyone who wanted to stop by and have a look.
It didn't go exactly as I wanted it to and my pre-recorded backing tracks didn't agree with me full out.
But it was great to be with the guys at Mayones and to meet all these great people there.
I really had a good time.

Then I had to hurry back home and get one last rehearsal with DIAL before we sat our first foot on stage during the Headway Festival in Amstelveen - Netherlands.
We only had about 20 minutes of change over and no sound check.
Pretty hectic for a band who's about to make its first live appearance.
We also ran into some technical problems which made me think of my days with PoS and my last gig with them at ProgPower (also in the Netherlands)... *phew, what a disaster* (talking about going out with a bang).
However, the gig went pretty good and dispite being nervous (first time for me that I'd be in the spot light as a lead singer), we managed to pull it off pretty deacently.

Second up was a gig in Belgium, at Biebob.
We now supported Lana Lande and The Rocket Scientists on ther European tour.
The keyboard player we use for DIAL had just become a father and could not attend this speciffic gig.
So we had to cut out some of the songs and I had to borrow a foot to play some additional keyboards next to my singing, guiatr playing, bass playing and... drumming...
Enough said... this was not our prime gig.
But... you live, you learn... just get back up in the sadle and rock on!

The next day we played in Zaandam (back in Netherlands).
Also this time with Lana Lane and The Rocker Scientists.
This time our keyboard player could join us again and we could play a full set.
We also got pretty much time to have a sound check and go through the monitor sound a bit.
Very nice venue actually, really recommend it (for as well audience as bands/artists)... De Kade.

After the the three gigs with DIAL, I took the train to Frankfurt (again!!!) where I got picked up by Erik Norlander and Lana Lane to join them for two gigs in Germany.
Don Schiff (the original "bass-player" (he uses an NS Stick)) had to go back to LA to attend a wedding so I had agreed to jump in and help out.
(Two very nice gigs with some of the most lovely people I know)

So, In two weeks I had seven gigs with three different set lists.
Pretty hectic but.. I think I made it pretty good after all *smile*

Now there's IO-Pages Festival coming up for DIAL (together with Neal Morse, Spock's Beard and Mangrove).
If things go well, this might be a very fruitfull festival to play at.

Then I'll start recording bass for Swedish hard rock band 'Harmony'. and then off to Germany to join 'Dark Suns' for the recordings of their new album.
And in July, Erik Norlander will probably come over to record the new Lana Lane album together with me and the other Dutch guys.

So, a pretty full Summer ahead.... but ME LIKEY!!!

Rock on!

Please come back soon for an update of this Blog with pictures from the shows

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Messagepar jo » 23 Nov 2007, 02:19

Newsletter Dec. 2007

Greetings to you all!

It's been a while since the last time and I though it was time to break the silence.
Many things have happened the last six months and I'd like to share my past, present and future with you in this news letter.

* Solo project
* Side Projects
* Instrumentation

Solo Project

For years now, I've been working on my own music in my own directions but I have never had the time to really complete anything.
Ideas have been spinning around in my head and riffs and melodies have been filling my computers, voice recorders, cell phones and small pieces of papers all around me.
DIAL has also taken the bigger part of my last two years and I prefer to focus on one project at a time. But now it's finally time to put my mind to this.
I had drummer Dirk Bruinenberg - who also helped us out with DIAL - in my studio a few weeks ago to lay down the drum tracks for three of my songs and now it's finally time to start putting all the pieces together and complete these compositions.
The idea now is to create a high quality demo to start shopping for a record deal.
On this demo, I will record most instruments my self, including vocals; but my idea for the final album is to work with musician friends I've encountered over the years, people who have inspired me and people I look up to.
The idea is to do what's best for each song and cast musicians for that and to let them add their personality to it.
So what will it sound like?
Well, hard to say really, as I get my inspiration from many directions.
Those who know my songs from DIAL will probably recognize my way of writing but I will probably take it up one step; a little more aggressive, a little more complex.
For Pain-fans, this might sound as a step back towards PoS but I wouldn't put me back in that box entirely. There will be clear audible influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Green Carnation and Pink Floyd in there as well.
I hope to have the demo done by mid December and I will then let you all hear what's been going on in my head for the last few years.
So keep your eyes open on my internet pages:



The début album 'Synchronized' has received great reviews from all over the world in both prog-, rock-, goth- and pop-oriented Medias and in October we proudly presented our first video clip – from the song 'Beautiful'.


Although DIAL started up as a hobby with no intentions of recording an album or to play live, we have now reached pretty far and in December we'll have the chance to play support for one of the greater bands in the genre – Riverside (PL).


Dec. 13 De Boerderij – Zoetermeer – NL
Dec. 14 Plato – Helmond – NL
Dec. 15 De Lantaarn – Hellendoorn – NL

Fresh from the press:

DIAL T-shirts.
Medium, XL and Girlie.
Black with the DIAL logo on the front (scrabble blocks)
For more information on how to order, please send an e-mail to:

For more information on DIAL, please visit our internet pages:


Side Projects

During the summer of 2007, I managed to find time to record no less than two albums.
The Swedish metal band Harmony and German progmetal band Dark Suns.
I really enjoyed working with both bands and I'm really enthusiastic to hear the final results.

Both Harmony and Dark Suns are now in port-production with their albums and no release dates have been set yet.
For more information, keep an eye on their homepages:



I was recently asked to work with Ian Perry on an upcoming tour in 2008.
It has already now been spoken of a long time relation ship so we'll see how things turn out.
Already in December will there be a video clip shoot here in Holland and I will most likely be in that one as well.
More information will follow.


This summer I gladly signed another two year contract with Polish instrument builder Mayones. I've had a great relationship with these wonderful people and their beautiful and great sounding instruments for almost three years now.
In my opinion, these instruments are as good as it gets.
In my collection you will now find a Comodous 6 Stringed fretted bass, a Comodous 6 Stringed fretless bass, a BE Exotic 4 Stringed fretted bass, a BE Exotic 4 Stringed fretless bass and a Setius 6 Stringed electric guitar.

Earlier on this year I joined the Line 6 family.
Line 6 offers me a great canvas and endless possibilities to explore different sounds, amps and instruments. For the multi-instrumental music of DIAL, this is ideal.
In my collection you will now find a Variax 600 guitar, a Pod XT Live, a Pod XT Live Bass and the latest Pod X3 Live.

Please pay them a visit:



Kristoffer Gildenlöw

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Messagepar jo » 17 Fév 2008, 12:53

Hereby do I inform you that my homepage 'kristoffergildenlow.com' will be closed down from April on.
The reason is very simple, I don't have any time for it and MySpace just feels a bit more personal and easier to update.

Many thanks to Almar Hulsegge who has helped me design and update the homepage.

So from now on, you better visit my MySpace page for the latest news end updates.



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