Newsletter de Kristoffer (Mars 2007)

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Newsletter de Kristoffer (Mars 2007)

Messagepar derF » 25 Mars 2007, 22:39

Je vous copie ci-dessous une "petite" newsletter que nous a envoyé Kris il y a quelques jours... Premier constat, on ne chôme pas chez aucun des frères Gildenlöw ! ;) En effet, outre DIAL, Kris va commencer à travailler sur son tant attendu album solo... A suivre donc !


DIAL is the new band I’m playing in.
It started as a project for musical expression but soon grew into something much more serious.
DIAL only exists of three people at the moment; me, Liselotte Hegt (my wife) and Rommert v/d Meer. With this rather odd line-up (two bass players and one guitarist) we were forced/free to explore the music as it came. Therefore you’ll hear a lot of different influences, instrumentations and musical arrangements throughout the music.

Our debut album ‘Synchronized’ was recorded, mixed and produced by Devon Graves (DeadSoul Tribes / Psychotic Waltz) and Devon also appears on vocals and guitars on certain tracks. On drums we had Dirk Bruinenberg join us (Elegy, Adagio, Kamelot, Patric Rondat) and we also got some help from a few more extensive musicians to complete the recordings.

In February DIAL signed up for US record label Prog Rock Records.
Prog Rock Records has a very good world wide distribution and the album should be available in all record stores by May 8 -07.
But the album is already now on Pre-sale through their CD-shop.
All pre-sales will be autographed and everyone ordering a copy during the pre-sales has a chance to win a signed drum head and some special treats.
The drum head was used during the recordings and is signed by all members of DIAL plus Devon Graves and Dirk Bruinenberg.

To order a copy of the album and to listen to some of the music; please visit:

Upcoming shows with DIAL

When: What Where Where’d you say?

April 7 Headway Festival P60 Amstelveen (NL)
April 9 Support, Lana Lane Biebob Vosselaar (BE)
April 10 Support, Lana Lane De Kade Zaandam (NL)
May 26 IO pages Festival De Boerderij Zoetermeer (NL)
(Together with Spock’s Beard
and Neal Morse)

More shows to come soon.

DIAL with LINE 6

DIAL just signed up with Line 6 for some great amps.
In the diverse music that DIAL makes, diverse sound is needed.
Line 6 and their Pod-series is just what’s needed to provide DIAL with the sound

For more information and latest news: visit:

ME, me, me, meee!!!

OK, some updates about my own progress.

First of all, I’m very happy that things move on so good with DIAL.
DIAL was in the beginning just a side-project to get a musical out-put when I wasn’t busy with PoS.
Everything then rose up to a professional level and now things have really taken flight with a lot of interested and enthusiastic people all around the world.
But DIAL has also taken a lot of time and energy and I’m happy that we can finally present, to you, the final product, ‘Synchronized’.

Emptying my Brain Hard Drive from DIAL, I can now start focusing on new music.
First out comes some session recordings and then I’ll start working on my long awaited solo album. During the progress of ‘Synchronized’, I have developed new ways of writing music and I’m sure this will have a good effect on my upcoming solo album.
More information and updates will come, so stay tuned to my homepages:

I have just signed up for an extra two years by Polish instrument builder Mayones.
They make some of the absolute best instruments I’ve come across out there and I’m very happy to be welcome in the Mayones family even without PoS.
So far Mayones has build me two wonderful basses and a great electric guitar.
Very soon I will make another order for two more basses.
This year I will also present five instruction clips together with Mayones.
I’ve been in contact with Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), who’s also a Mayones player and it looks like we’ll do some of the videos together.
I’m very excited about that.

Frankfurt Muziek Messe
On Friday 30 and Saturday 31 of March, I will appear at the stand of Mayones and play several short solo-shows.
Mayones are celebrating their 25’the anniversary this year and they plan to put up quite show with the biggest stand at the Muziek Messe so far.
Exactly how the show schedule looks for those day, is not sure yet but be sure to come around every now and then for some great music from many of the Mayones players.

Gigs ahead:

When: What Where Where’d you say?
March 30 Frankfurt Muziek Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt (DE)
March 31 Frankfurt Muziek Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt (DE)
April 7 Headway Festival P60 Amstelveen (NL)
April 9 Support, Lana Lane Biebob Vosselaar (BE)
April 10 Support, Lana Lane De Kade Zaandam (NL)
April 13 Rocket Scientists + LL Bergkeller Reichenbach (DE)
April 14 Rocket Scientists + LL Irrlicht Bünde-Spenge (DE)
May 26 IO pages Festival De Boerderij Zoetermeer (NL)
(Together with Spock’s Beard
and Neal Morse)

More shows to come so stay tuned

For more information and up-to-date information, please visit my homepages:

That’s it for now.
Thank you for your time and see you out there.


`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((

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Messagepar Admiral Prawn » 25 Mars 2007, 23:27

Ca fait plaisir toutes ces nouvelles, j'ai hâte d'avoir le DIAL dans mes mimines :D.

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Messagepar Fredian » 26 Mars 2007, 01:29

En effet, de bonnes fraîches nouvelles qui font saliver :twisted:

Quant à la signature chez Prog Rock Records pour DIAL (je crois m'être déjà exprimé à ce sujet), c'est vraiment une excellente nouvelle :)

Quant à la date de sortie de "Synchronised", non seulement c'est trés bientôt mais en plus c'est une excellente date (concert de Deep Purple à Montpellier :twisted: :D ). Puisse-t'elle leur porter chance :wink:

Thanks for these good news Kris and see you live very soon :wink:

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Messagepar tim » 26 Mars 2007, 13:34

Merci pour les infos derf.
J'attends la sortie car l'artwork et les titres entendus m'ont plu.
Travailler plus pour gagner plus et s'acheter un billet pour Moscou

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